Kathryn Strand

Kathryn Strand

Real Estate Consultant

  • Office: 512-656-9061
  • Office Location: South West Austin

About Kathryn Strand

Meet Kathryn Strand – a true Austinite who has resided in Austin since 1977. She’s a long-time “mover and shaker” in residential and resort real estate in Central Texas and Northern Michigan. Kathryn understands what it is like to stand in her clients’ shoes. She has a sensitivity towards her client’s journey; all attributed to the first-hand perspective she has gained through her personal experiences. 

Kathryn raised her three children in the Westlake area of Austin and knows every inch of this wonderful city. Kathryn has a great feel for the movement of the real estate market in various parts of Austin, the school districts, and future growth probabilities for the region as a whole.

Kathryn enjoys renovating homes, helping people build wealth through real estate, and hanging out with her pups.