Adrianne is the absolute best realtor I know, and as a real estate investor I have spoken to hundreds.

Adrianne is the absolute best realtor I know, and as a real estate investor I have spoken to hundreds. In Austin I went thru 2 realtors before I somehow stumbled upon Adrianne. I am based out of California so when it was time to liquidate my Austin holdings I was left searching for an agent. I decided to let one of the many, energetic agents that cold called me to sell one of my section 8 properties. Although he had the credentials and the enthusiasm, 3 months went by with no offers. He told me that it was too dirty, had too much trash, and he actually told me he couldn’t sell it. I was shocked. The second agent convinced me to list the property for $40k less than the purchase price, I said $30k less and he wouldn’t budget. He said there was no way I would get anything unless it was $40k less, and even then I’d probably have to negotiate with a lower offer. Somehow, I stumbled upon Adrianne’s number and gave her a call out of the blue. I explained that I was in California and had never seen this particular property as an out of state investor, and she explained her background, what she does and how she does it. She was professional, polite, and like speaking to an old friend I trusted. I felt much more comfortable and confident that I was in good hands. She immediately made arrangements to visit the property and call me back with a market analysis. Within 2 days she called me from the property and told me that there was a lot of trash but that she had arranged for the neighbor to remove all the trash and clean up. I couldn’t believe it, she even paid for it out of her own pocket. We were in constant contact for about a week until she said we were ready to list the property. Within 2 weeks I received a fantastic offer only slightly below the asking price. Adrienne coordinated all meetings, documents, electronic signatures, notary, everything without my involvement. I flew in to sign the papers and she had everything ready to go the moment I walked into the office. If I had gone with the previous agent’s demands to lower the price to even list it for me, then I would have lost $40k profit. I’m not sure about you other investors, but I want the agent who can sell my properties for the maximum profit to be the one I call EVERY TIME.